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Trademarketing Resources Incorporated (TRI) was established in early 1999 to bring a new level of expertise and client satisfaction to the corporate trademark licensing world by executing licensing programs in a new, unique, and exciting way.

TRI’s operating philosophy is simple: TRI will partner with its clients to execute licensing arrangements with top-quality licensees, generating positive marketing exposure, significant royalty revenue, and improved trademark protection for the client. Unlike others in the industry, TRI will always recognize that the client is the senior partner in the relationship, and that the marketing objectives of the client are the most important guiding factor in directing the licensing program.

Unique to TRI is our On-Mark™ Strategic Planning Process. This Process allows TRI to fully understand the internal and external dynamics of the client and its trademarks as we enter into licensing agreements on the client’s behalf. This process has been proven and refined with many of the most successful corporations in the world, including General Motors®, Ryder®, Sears®, and Tenneco®. We believe that no other company in the world offers a similar process that will ensure that the proper avenues are pursued, and the improper courses avoided.

TRI also provides a unique level of service to the licensee community. Often, licensees are forgotten by the licensing representative as soon as the deal is closed, as the representative then focuses on closing the next deal. As such, deals often never reach their full potential. TRI will counsel with each licensee, starting with a review of the TRI ProductMax™ product development model. Finally, TRI executes on behalf of its clients a SatisAction™ licensee satisfaction survey on an annual basis, thus ensuring that the licensee’s goals are in alignment with those of the client.

TRI’s operating philosophy also prescribes that only highly experienced, highly talented individuals are assigned the task of managing and selling on behalf of our clients. New clients are never assigned to “junior associates” to manage their business, and every proposed licensing arrangement receives the full scrutiny of the CEO and the entire corporate executive committee. This helps ensure the program’s success, and greatly reduces any potential risk for the licensor.

Drawing upon our vast experience managing brands and licensing programs for industry leaders like General Motors® (and Chevrolet®), Sears Home Improvements®, Ryder®, Monroe, Pac-Man, and many others, TRI’s current clients include FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Mopar Division), Polaris Industries Inc. (a world leader in snowmobiles, ATV’s, and motorcycles), Saleen, Inc. (the maker of the world famous Saleen Mustang and the Saleen S7 Supercar), the NRA (the largest civil and constitutional rights organization), HillBilly Brands, "Born Country, Raised Outdoors", HillBilly is a leading country lifestyle brand, and Graveyard Carz, the leading program on television's Velocity network.

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