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TRI’s highly experienced professional staff are located throughout the United States, bringing an unparalleled array of skills to our clients

Almost unheard of in the licensing industry, TRI’s Principals have been licensors, licensees, and agents, enabling us to facilitate bigger, better and quicker execution of deals benefiting all parties

TRI has extensive experience representing companies with core products ranging the gamut from transportation, recreational products, home products, sports, character, petroleum and non-profit organizations

The TRI Executive Team has built world-class licensing programs for brands including Polaris, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Chrysler LLC/ Mopar), the NRA, HillBilly Brands, Graveyard Carz, Pratt & Whitney, CITGO, Saleen, Cragar, Detroit 300, General Motors, Chevrolet, Sears, Century 21, Jack Daniels, Dupont, ACDelco, GM Goodwrench, Texaco, Olympics, Milka Duno, Just-Bee, U.S. Postal Service, Putnam Publishing, and many others


Robert E. Horton, Jr.
President and CEO

Michael D. Rachuy
Executive Vice President, Sales and Client Services

Jack C. Douglas
Executive Vice President

Christopher D. Hallock
Brand Extension Sales

Greg Golab
Director of Licensing

Kirk Martensen
Vice President, Brand Extension Licensing

Cynthia P. Julian
Manager, Contract Administration & Quality Assurance

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