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In today’s marketplace, truly successful licensing programs leverage the benefits of a series of partnerships:

Client / Agency

Agency and client have to share common goals and interests for either to thrive. The client makes less if there is disagreement or poor communication on which categories to pursue, for example. The same holds for the agency.

TRI always partners with its clients – and the client is always the “senior partner”!

Licensee / Agency / Client

Once a deal is done, a client, through its agency, must partner with its licensees for everyone to maximize the potential of the relationships. If all the stakeholders look first to make sure the pie is as large as possible, it’s guaranteed that everyone’s slices will be larger.

TRI picks the right partners first, then makes it a first priority to look out for its partners!

Retailer / Licensee / Agency / Client

A retailer cannot be an afterthought in the licensing process. After all, a consumer may well have his or her strongest affiliation with the retailer. What’s more, retailers today are more and more often the “channel captain”, dictating to the other members of the distribution channel more and more business terms. Instances of retailers actually holding the license are becoming commonplace. TRI was one of the first agencies to understand this dynamic, with a company founder coming from the ranks of a major retailer.

TRI partners with the best marketers, then markets through the best partners!

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