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Christopher D. Hallock

Brand Extension Sales

Mr. Hallock brings over 10 years of senior level sales and licensing industry experience to TRI. Prior to joining TRI, Mr. Hallock was a Vice President with Equity Management, Inc. and before that held a similar position with Brand Sense Marketing.

Mr. Hallock was originally recruited to Equity Management by Bob Horton, where Bob first noticed and then nurtured his talent. Mr. Hallock’s experience is broad, ranging from apparel and accessories, consumer packaged goods, footwear, home furnishings, toys and games, radio control, die cast, publishing, video games, sporting goods, action sports industry, and many other categories. Mr. Hallock has developed licenses for clients that include General Motors, General Motors Europe, Lava, Rawlings, Kawasaki, Hawaiian Brands (Local Motion, Hawaiian Style and Kahala), Unilever (Snuggle / Suave), La-Z-Boy, Lockheed Martin, Valvoline, Dodge, PBR, Toyota, STP, Thermos, and Kingsford.

Mr. Hallock holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Ferris State University. He also served in both the U.S. Army and the Michigan National Guard.


Robert E. Horton, Jr.
President and CEO

Michael D. Rachuy
Executive Vice President, Sales and Client Services

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Executive Vice President

Christopher D. Hallock
Brand Extension Sales

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Director of Licensing

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Vice President, Brand Extension Licensing

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Manager, Contract Administration & Quality Assurance

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