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Jack C. Douglas

Executive Vice President

Mr. Douglas is recognized as a leader in the licensing field, with particular expertise in the petroleum and retail industries. Mr. Douglas established and maintained the Texaco licensing program. Managing and leveraging Texaco’s 14,000 retail locations and sponsorships with NASCAR, Sea World, Universal Studios and many others, Mr. Douglas established the Texaco program as the industry standard for petroleum properties.

Mr. Douglas also brings unparalleled expertise in relationship and continuity marketing, both as the head of his own advertising agency and on behalf of Texaco and other clients. Further with clients such as General Motors, Seven Eleven and Unocal 76, Mr. Douglas has developed a profound understanding of overall brand management, a key element in the licensing process as exercised by TRI.

Building on his success in establishing Texaco’s continuity program and its’ world famous range of collectibles, Mr. Douglas has built advertising specialty programs, in-store impulse purchase licenses, event licensing, and a wide array of other innovative licenses. Mr. Douglas has also established the industry’s first licensing program utilizing petroleum marks’ within in-vehicle navigation systems.

Mr. Douglas heads the TRI presence in Houston, where he not only manages the TRI petroleum accounts, but also is involved in both traditional licensing sales and brand extension sales on behalf of a variety of TRI clients.


Robert E. Horton, Jr.
President and CEO

Michael D. Rachuy
Executive Vice President, Sales and Client Services

Jack C. Douglas
Executive Vice President

Christopher D. Hallock
Brand Extension Sales

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Director of Licensing

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Vice President, Brand Extension Licensing

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Manager, Contract Administration & Quality Assurance

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