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Kirk Martensen

Vice President, Brand Extension Licensing

Kirk is a recognized authority in the brand extension licensing and has developed licensed products that have collectively generated in excess of $1 billion in annual retail sales for licensors, including DuPont, General Motors, and Nabisco. Kirk has worked with a broad range of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and trading companies to develop a wide variety of brand extension licensed products. For nine years, Kirk worked with Equity Management Inc., a leading corporate trademark licensing agency and was Senior Vice President of Business Development responsible for consumer products programs for licensors such as General Motors, Jack Daniel’s and Maytag. Kirk and TRI have worked together since 2001.


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President and CEO

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Executive Vice President, Sales and Client Services

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Executive Vice President

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Brand Extension Sales

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Kirk Martensen
Vice President, Brand Extension Licensing

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Manager, Contract Administration & Quality Assurance

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