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Michael D. Rachuy

Executive Vice President, Sales and Client Services

Mr. Rachuy is an industry leader in licensing sales, having executed successful licensing arrangements in categories as broad as food, software, consumer durables, home furnishings, toys and games, collectibles, and apparel, to name only a few. Mr. Rachuy is responsible for some of the largest, most prestigious and successful brand extension licenses in the last decade, including children’s ride-on products with Peg Perego, Polaris branded rugged outdoor footwear, and Cragar car-care appearance chemicals. Deals developed by Mr. Rachuy represent hundreds of millions of dollars in retail sales for our clients’ brands.

Mr. Rachuy joined TRI from Equity Management Inc. where he was Vice President and Group Business Manager for the Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GM Design programs. Under Mr. Rachuy’s leadership, these programs experienced dramatic growth and improvement in customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining EMI, Mr. Rachuy was President and CEO of MarketSmart Solutions. MarketSmart focused on helping other companies market their products through mall kiosk, in-store, event and tradeshow venues. Mr. Rachuy also has extensive retail and licensing experience with brands like Best Buy, Sears, and Century 21. Mr. Rachuy’s extensive network of retail contacts facilitates TRI working with our licensees to attain retail distribution, and the resultant sales pull-through.


Robert E. Horton, Jr.
President and CEO

Michael D. Rachuy
Executive Vice President, Sales and Client Services

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Executive Vice President

Christopher D. Hallock
Brand Extension Sales

Greg Golab
Director of Licensing

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Vice President, Brand Extension Licensing

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Manager, Contract Administration & Quality Assurance

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