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TRI’s "PUMP" (Prospect Universe Matching Program) System

TRI’s proprietary PUMP system is a revolutionary development in the licensing industry. Utilizing PUMP, TRI’s sales professionals across the globe are able to share information on nearly 3000 contacts across more than 200 merchandise categories. Much more than a database, PUMP is a storehouse of information available only to the TRI sales force. The people referenced in the PUMP system know TRI and our capabilities. Most of them have done business with our TRI executive sales team in the past. By capturing critically important information, PUMP allows TRI, at a moment’s notice to do things like:

  • Call up a list of all the qualified prospects in a product category
  • Search across industries, looking for indicators or activities that signal the need for a licensed brand in a particular category
  • Search for prospects based on brand equity elements
  • Share contact history between every member of the sales force, across offices or even around the world
  • Maintain relationships with our contacts, even if we aren’t currently actively pursuing licenses in the category

PUMP is another of the tools that can only be found at TRI. PUMP allows TRI to put more resources to work for you, quickly and efficiently. PUMP helps TRI maintain the partnerships that are core to the foundation of an effective licensing program.

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