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To hear some licensing agencies talk, you’d think that they were describing the 21st century version of alchemy! Hire them and you’ll magically get a pot of gold delivered via wire transfer directly to your bank account! Best of all, they promise that effectively you’ll get something for nothing. It almost sounds too good to be true! At Trademarketing Resources, Inc. (TRI), we surveyed all of our employees and found that 100% of their parents told them that if something appeared to be too good to be true, it probably was. Other licensing agencies proudly proclaim themselves to be “professional deal makers”, with the core of their being built around finding people willing to write big advance checks to the client. “Eat, drink, and sign deals, for tomorrow we may die!”

A founding principle of TRI was never to be so focused solely on the short term, and to take the time to make sure that if it glittered, it really was gold, so that our clients’ marks would always increase in value and never be tarnished just so that we could write a deal. So, if trademark licensing isn’t some get rich quick scheme, then what is it, or better yet, what should it be?

At TRI, we believe that trademark licensing is, at its core, a product development process. It is a unique approach to getting new products to the market that dramatically reduces the risk and investment required for a trademark holder to enter a new product category. To a licensee, it is a way to attain almost instantaneous credibility with the consumer (or in a business-to-business situation, his customer) without having to spend hundreds of millions of promotional dollars with no guarantee that the expenditure will result in the desired outcome of establishing a brand name.

Some intrinsic benefits of TRI’s approach to licensing include:

  • Increased marketing exposure of the brand
  • Legal protection for the trademarks
  • Very significant royalty income

As you browse our site, you’ll get a glimpse of how TRI goes about developing brand licensing strategies for our clients, as well as examples of how we’ve gone about the execution of those strategies. And if you’re interested in licensing one of the properties TRI represents, you’ll learn more about how to start that process as well. Please enjoy. And if, along the way, you find something that piques your interest, call us or drop us an email.

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