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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please e-mail us at or call us between 9 AM and 6 PM EST at 248-922-9678.

How do I contact TRI?

Please e-mail us at or call us between 9 AM and 6 PM EST at 248-922-9678.

What associations is TRI affiliated with?

TRI and/or its officers are members of the American Marketing Association, the Direct Marketing Association, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and of course LIMA (International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association)

Who are some of TRI’s clients?

Drawing upon our vast experience managing brands and licensing programs for industry leaders like General Motors (and Chevrolet), Sears Home Improvements, Ryder, Monroe, The United States Postal Service, La-Z Boy, and many others, TRI’s current clients include Chrysler LLC (Mopar Division), Polaris Industries (a world leader in snowmobiles, ATV’s, personal watercraft, and Victory ® motorcycles), Saleen (the maker of the world famous Saleen Mustang), United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney division (the aerospace equipment and aircraft engine company), CITGO, one of the best known brands in gasoline retailing, world-renowned wildlife artist Randy McGovern, and Detroit 300, the nonprofit organization chaired by Edsel B. Ford II that was charged with managing the celebration of Detroit’s 300th birthday.

Where is TRI located?

TRI is headquartered in Clarkston, Michigan, a northern suburb of Detroit. TRI also has offices in a variety of cities across the country, including New York, Atlanta, Houston, and San Diego.

Why would I need a trademark licensing agent?

The vast majority of corporations that have proactive and prosperous trademark licensing programs utilize the services of a licensing agency. Their reasons for doing so are varied, but ultimately TRI believes that the right agency will allow a company to maximize the return on the money it has already invested in its brand, find unanticipated sources of brand exposure, and protect the brand from loss or harm. The right agency brings knowledge and expertise that is hard to maintain in-house. Finally, the right agency will allow you to maximize returns with only small internal investments of capital or manpower.

Why should my company consider licensing its brands?

Your brand is probably your most valuable, yet least utilized, asset. Your company itself is likely to only utilize your brands on those products and services that fit with your internal constraints (like engineering capability and resources, discretionary capital, manufacturing ability, etc.). Even so, many brands are perceived by potential consumers as being excellent “fits” with other products or services. By finding the right partners, you could potentially enter new markets with low risk, achieve substantial marketing exposure with no expenditure on your part, expand the legal protection for your marks, as well as generate significant royalty income.

How hard is it to become a licensee?

TRI works with qualified licensee prospects to make the process of becoming licensed as simple and painless as possible. In order to be considered, you must demonstrate the quality of your products, your ability to market your product, and the fit of your product with the brand that you are interested in licensing. Becoming a licensee also requires a financial commitment that includes a royalty based on a percentage of net sales and a minimum annual royalty guarantee. General liability insurance is also required. Call or email TRI today for a free assessment! If you’d prefer, just complete the form in the “Contact Us” section of the site to get the ball rolling.

Are only large companies considered for licensing? Do I have to be a large company to benefit from licensing out my own brand?

The answer to both questions is NO! Many companies have used licensing to grow their small company to a larger one. Contact TRI today to find out more about how licensing can help your business achieve new heights!

Does TRI handle registering my brands with the government?

TRI helps its full-service clients manage the ownership of their brands, but does not provide trademark registration as a stand-alone service. To learn more about registering your brand, visit

Are trademarks, patents and copyrights the same thing?

While all three are intellectual property, they are quite different. One big difference is that trademarks never expire or go into the public domain so long as they remain in use in commerce. For more information, please visit and

Call TRI today at (248) 922-9678 to discuss how you might benefit from licensing your brand!

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