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At TRI, we deliver a comprehensive Service Package to our clients, not an a la carte menu to select from. This service package allows us to deliver synergies not otherwise possible from the individual parts. These services span the entire lifespan of individual licenses and the lifespan of the entire licensing program. If this were a menu – and it’s not!—you’d see entrees here that you won’t find at other agencies. And we guarantee that the ones you see here that are found at other agencies taste better when eaten here! Please take a moment to peruse highlights from the fabulous collection of TRI services that are provided to every client.

Appetizers (services provided before the first deal is written)

  • Brand equity analysis
  • Extensive secondary market research
  • Exclusive primary research methodologies
  • Program infrastructure design, including all legal boilerplate
  • Strategic and market planning

Main Course (services that develop and manage relationships with quality licensee partners)

  • Traditional licensing sales
  • Brand extension sales
  • Trademark protection assistance
  • Licensee development, monitoring, counseling, and tracking
  • Licensee relationship management
  • License administration
  • Royalty administration
  • Product administration
  • Marketing management
  • Program P.R. management
  • Cross-promotional counseling
  • Internet (e-commerce) counseling
  • Legal administration

Desserts and After-Dinner Fare (services that help measure success, ensure future success, prevent unexpected surprises, and totally delight our clients)

  • TRI delivers the highest levels of licensed product quality on an ongoing basis
    • TRI’s license application requires that the prospect provide detailed information on its QC processes and certification standards achieved (such as ISO, QS, CCC, etc.)
    • Contractual provisions recommended that require licensee certification to applicable industry or government standards (ASTM, OSHA, MVMA, ASTM, FDA, SAE, etc.)
    • Periodically, licensees are required to submit samples of current production products for evaluation
    • TRI has a degreed engineer on staff to provide advice and counsel on-going QC monitoring that may be appropriate for certain products
    • TRI randomly conducts retail audits and on-site visits to monitor compliance
    • TRI also recommends contractual provisions that provide cascading levels of liability protection for the client, including indemnification and product/general liability insurance coverage
    • No product licensed by TRI has ever been subject to any governmental recall
  • SatisAction™ licensee satisfaction measurement
  • Integrated package of management and reporting tools, wrapped around an industry-leading analysis and control system
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